Forest Management Services

Regal Mountain Forest Management has been in the industry of Construction and Land Management for almost 18 years and tree experts with over 35 years knowledge and experience. We are the industries leading experts when it comes to Forest Mulching and clearing. The difference between us and any other Forest Management companies is that we cherish, expose and present the beauty of your forest and land, while others simply "mow" over it.

All of our services are done in a safe manner to provide you a beautiful landscape previously hidden behind the trees and shrubs.

If you are looking for the affordable and "Mess-free" option to restore your property or clean it up to brand new, then please contact us right away to make your day.

Forest Mulching

A healthy requirement for any beautiful forested property.

Forest Mulching is the fastest way to clear and clean your land.

Wood Stripped Right

Forestry mulching 

is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to cut, grind, and clear unwanted vegetation. 

Our heavy equipment uses a AFE disc mulcher equipped with steel chipper tools (“teeth”) and blades to shred all unwanted trees, shrubs and vegetation. 

Our heavy duty forestry mulchers can clear up to one acre of dense tree, Shrub and vegetation per day depending on terrain, density, and type of material. Often times land can be cleared in a shorter time frame if the land is less dense.

  • Cleaner Property

    Les dense messy foliage, more controlled beautiful trees.

  • Invasive Species Control

    Helps to get rid of the wrong trees and shrubs.

  • More Sunlight Where Needed

    Better growth from proper sun light for your plants and farming.

  • Prairie Reclamation

    If you need your prairie widened this is your best option.

Rough Road and Site Prep

Making a way to your dream home.
Making a way for you and your dream home and/or shop 

First, let us clear a spot in your beautiful forest or land to put your dream home. We can easily clear a spot within your trees and shrubs to shape your perfect home and the start of your driveway location through your forest or wild growth.

Then we can clear a road to it for easy access all the while retaining the natural beauty of your forest.

Site and Road Prep is always the very first step before building your dream home or shop and roads will always need Maintenance for safe travels. .  Contact Us Today 

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  • Rough Road Grade and Smoothing

    You pick the spot, and we can make a road to it.

  • Site Prep for New Construction

    Once you know where your house or shop will go, we can provide the rough pad prep.

  • Road Maintenance and Repair

    If you are tired of pot holes and bumps, we can smoothen out and repair your road easily and very cost effectively.

Right Of Way Land Clearing.

Keeping Public and Private utilities safe and clean the affordable way.

Regal Mountain Utility Line Land Clearing

Keeping electricity reliable and protecting the public from electrical hazards means you need Right-of-Way (ROW) clearing. The ROW clearing that Regal mountain Forest Management offers includes mulching, cutting, mowing, and spraying  specific distances single phase line and three phase line, as well as certain distances around buried gas pipelines and electric facilities.

Our methods are safe, cost effective and affordable. NO more need for in house overhead of fleet when we can do it for much less.


  • Transmission and Power lines

    Power Lines require proper ROW clearing to keep the public safe. We can clear quickly and safely for less.

  • Utility Pipe Lines

    Whether its gas, water or something else. We can keep trees and shrubs from interfering in a safe and cost effective manner.

Mulching Slash piles 

The safer and faster alternative to burning slash piles will always be simply to mulch them.


Avoid Burning Slash

Typically about 95% of the time burning slash piles leaves burn scars on the ground that takes 3 times longer to grow new trees and foliage. Not many realize the effect that burning slash piles has on the immediate area.

When ever you see a plot of land with small clearings, that is a slash pile burning from which the land has not recovered yet. You can see by the picture below.


Avoiding Wildfire With Prevention Grants

If budget is an issue, Let Idaho help pay for your forest mulching with a grant.


Free Grants/Money towards your Forest Management

Idaho and the US Forest Service are currently providing grants to help pay for your Forest Management.

This is to help prevent and alleviate the cost of wildfire happening in our state. If you are looking to clean or clear your land, you may be eligible for some  Wildfire Prevention Grants.

Ask us today to learn more about the wildfire prevention grants. You can find more details here:

  • Financial Grants for Forest Management

    Idaho will help provide you some funds to make sure your Forest Management is taken care of.

  • Burning Slash Piles is still a bad idea

    Think you might save a few bucks by loosely babysitting a slash pile... guess again, all it takes is one cinder to escape. It has happened many times before.